Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy Weekend

Have you ever been to the Knock Off Wood blog? If you are in need of furniture but wouldn't dare pay the price on some of the furniture you like, run over to Knock Off Wood NOW! Knock Off Wood offers FREE furniture plans, she's amazing people! But first look at what Tony and I are building this weekend.

It is a 2 piece entryway storage system sold by Pottery Barn for 700.00! To build it ourselves Tony estimates 150.00, I'm not sure if he included my paint or not? Tony is a Senior Estimator by day so we shall see how close he is on the total price. If I like the way it turns out then we will expand it like the picture below, but adding another bench piece. Guess how much this piece sells for at Pottery Barn.. 1,600.00 There is no way I would go out and spend 1,600.00 on this when I, I mean Tony could build it for a fraction of the price.

Wondering where this is going? Like my coloring???? HAHA lol...I Have always wanted a bench in front of our window. I do daycare at home and every evening when the kids are waiting on their parents they crowd in front of that little window by the door and start fighting because they can't all fit, hopefully this will fix that problem.


  1. I also love "Knock Off Wood"! :) The only problem is that we don't have a garage where we can build anything right now, but I'm hoping that this summer when I go home to visit family for a month we can build some furniture and bring it back with us. I like the entryway storage thing you are making! Have fun! :)

  2. I know how that goes, we lived in an apartment for 3 years and in hotels for a couple years traveling. Just remember Home Depot can cut all your wood for you to the size you need! If you were to get the wood cut you could always come over here and we can build together in my garage and we could help each other out. I'm not sure how much help I would be lol, I can't even read a measuring tape but I can nail,screw and paint after the wood is cute. I think.. LOl