Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

No it was Not Me who got so angry at some woman driving in front of me that I did Not start screaming obscene words at her while I put my pedal to the medal to get around her. ( If you feel the need to slow down to almost a stop when merging onto a 75 mph highway and no one is coming for a few seconds do not do it in front of me bc I just might push you out of my way.)

No it was Not Me who put that precious puppy outside from 6am-6pm because she was driving me insane. No of course It was not my way of trying to teach her that it is okay for dogs to potty outside.

I did not allow my two year old to leave the table with a strawberry. no of course I did not get mad when said two yr old brought me his brothers tan comforter that he did not smash the strawberry on.

One for my 2 yr old- No it was Not my two yr old who found my mascara and gave our dog a makeover from nose to tail.

On Saturday it was not me or my hubby who felt like we are a lot older than we really are when it was only 8:45 and hubby and I were rushing the boys to bed because we couldn't keep our eyes open.

It was not me who just ate 3 brownies while I was writing this post.

What about you, anything that you did not do and care to share?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I cut my electricity bill in half

Well Almost!

Last month my electric bill was 160.00, this month it is 90.00. In just one month I saved 70.00 on my bill! We were surprised to see how much our bill went down. I'm not even sure what I did to save energy.
I know that since our dryer broke I've been hang drying all the clothes. We would've bought a new dryer but honestly, I've been enjoying hanging the clothes to dry. Everything I read online about the positives of hang drying are true. It has become habit and I'm not sure I want to buy a new dryer. Now that I see my new electric bill it makes it seem insane to go spend 700.00 on a new dryer plus all the money it cost to run it. We always have visitors staying for long periods of time at our house during the winter and with 11 ppl and 2 dogs around at some points I know a dryer will be a necessity. Sadly. I suppose I could just buy the cheapest one I can find and only use it when my family is in town.
I never turn lights on during the day unless I'm in the laundry room or cooking. I just open the shades and let the sun do it's job. We have also started unplugging appliances when not in use and my computer and TV all get unplugged before bed. I'm sure if I would remember to do this every night we would save even more. Tony does something with the thermostat too but I don't have a clue.
Other than the few things I've listed we haven't done anything different. If you have any tips to save some more money I would love to read them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The value of a housewife!?!

While I was checking on all the blogs I follow, I came across this post. I don't know about you but I've often wondered what I would make a year if I were to get paid for all the things I do. I'm not only a stay at home mom but a daycare provider. Being a daycare provider It means if my kids sleep until 8 am, I'm already up with other people kids at 6am being mom to them. My day is truly 24/7! Anyways! My grand total was 210k a yr! I was pretty shocked when I added up my hours for everything I do while staying home and when I clicked calculate it said, "I'm sorry it may seem like a lot but no one can work more than 168 hrs per week" or something like that. I screamed at my comp "stupid it's called multi tasking". LOL I guess they didn't think about that, what are us sahm's not smart or good enough to multi task! So I went back on my real hours and took 10 off my daycare area so it would take it lol.

So, go take the quiz and come back here and share with me what your salary would be! Then turn to the special someone in your life and ask them if vacation is included. haha.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Much Thanks

Tonight I reached 13 followers!

All of you who have blogs, I did return the favor!

I also read everyone of yours from beginning to current!

For my girls who don't blog but follow just to keep up with me,


No pressure, LOL.


Tony will be home after his 9 days away, Yes I did say 9! I thought just 4 then he had an emergency business trip and then went hunting again.

I will be going to a spa party at a friends house. YAY. Not too sure what it will consist of, but I don't care. After 9 days of being alone with my two boys and my fur baby I am beat and just the words spa party make me happy right now.

After the spa party I am going to drag the family or friends to a new antique store. I am looking for old furniture to refinish and make oh so beautiful. This make me almost as excited as the spa party.

The face behind this blog!

I just realized, I never told you guys about ME!
So to start with basics. My name is Konstance, I am 21.
Most important to me: Family, Friends, Money, Material things ( so what call me what you want.), Music
Personality traits: loud, fun, loving, crazy, bitch, punctual, accepting, ambitious, cheerful, confident, creative, dependable, happy, self-controlled, open, talkative, adventurous. Pretty much I am an EXTROVERT= Extroversion. You're assertive, talkative, and don't mind being the centre of attention (in fact, you prefer it!). Being alone isn't your favorite activity; in fact, the more the merrier.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First snow of the season

From my two years of living in Colorado we didn't see the first snow fall until around Oct 31st.

It is just the beginning of October and all day we have been seeing a light dusting of snow

it's 4:30 and at around 4:00 the snow started to turn big and fluffy and it is sticking now!
I really wish I had a camera right now, the view out of my window is so beautiful!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Remember a few posts back about "our american dream"? I told you all that your dreams are reachable no matter what you think will stand in the way. Well Saturday we were driving around and I was looking for garage sells with antique furniture. I saw this home for sale, from the road it looks like any normal sized home. I got closer and we looked at it, WOW not a normal sized home at all! It has a price tag of almost 1 million! It has almost 7,000 finished sq ft, a work shop to die for (one you can put your husband in when naughty), a craft room with custom cabinetry, an in law apartment, in ground pool and much much more!
This house may seem far out of reach, but Tony and I are determined to have our own little bungalow just like it or we will just take this one, with the economy the way it is I don't see anyone buying it for a while! So we've got time don't we? LOL! If you can afford this house now and want to see if you love it too, take a look here at the details. If you buy this house let me know bc you will be in my neck of the woods and I will be wanting to visit ALL the time and constantly remind you how jealous I am. :)

Guess what season it is!

In our house Bass Pro Shop is like heaven. With hunting season here Tony needed to get a few supplies for his ever frequent trips to the mountains with some co-workers and his boss. Gotta love his job. When it's hunting season all the guys leave for a few weeks and go hunting, this trip even includes the owner of their company, it's such a nice family type of company (even though no one is related). If it's snowing out, you can bet most of the employees can be found rushing to the office to pick up a gold medallion and rushing to the mountains for some snowboarding. If you are a very frequent skier or snowboarder you should check into getting yourself a medallion.

Anyways! When we go to BPS the boys like to "see the dead animals" and shoot the laser guns. I secretly LURVE to shoot the laser guns too. I like to let it be known to Tony that I am a better shooter than he is. When the boys are a little older I would love to take family hunting trips just like the ones I use to go on with my family. My dad started taking me as an infant and he would put me in his backpack to sleep, the first animal I killed was an armadillo at around age 7. I also use to compete in the annual turkey shoot, I brought home thanksgiving dinner around age 10, that was very memorable for me bc I beat about 20 grown men! I hope our boys will get to enjoy some of these things too.

For now just daddy will go hunting and we will try to stay busy so we don't want to kill each other. 4 days alone with both boys and no help from Tony will test my patience and mothering skills, and not to mention he probably wont have very good cell connection in the middle of no where on the mountains. I guess no calling at random moments to yell at him that I need help bc Prestyn will be out of control. Now I need to rest, Tony took me out to a country club last night ( it ended up being a half country, half other). I drank a ton, danced a ton and didn't get to really sleep when we got home bc Prestyn decided to wake up right before we got home at 2am.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The boss!

I think Prestyn feels he is my boss. Today on our way to the bank he decided from the backseat to tell me how to drive. I heard things like "mom slow down you are driving to fast" Prestyn your two how do you know how fast I am driving. "M0m stop at that car wash right now, your window is dirty", "mom you passed the car wash, turn around", "mom don't forget to tell the bank that we need 4 suckers","mom did you bring monies" yes Prestyn I did bring money, why do you ask? " I want to take your monies and go to a garage sale", Okay if we see one we might stop if it looks like they have something good, "mom your passing all the garage sales".

Yes it was an eventful "ca" (as we call it in our house, no we are not from Brooklyn, everyone does ask) ride. Prestyn also learned how to unbuckle his car seat and get out, any advice? O and in the pic, that black mark is marker, not a bruise and he is half naked bc he got dirty and daddy was watching him so instead of new clothes he ended up without a shirt lol.

Magnet fun

With school back in session we are in paper overload. Our fridge is covered with the class calendar, birthday party invitations, and art work. I had some poker chips laying around and haven't been used in months. So whats a girl to do? Make magnets of course! Sorry for the bad quality of the pics, used Tony's IPhone. I won't get my camera until Christmas lol. Tony asked last night what I wanted for Christmas so I immediately yelled "a new camera and laptop". Didn't even need to think about what I wanted lol. So now I am off to research different cameras. Does anyone want to share what camera you have and tell why you like it or why you don't like it.