Saturday, December 12, 2009

My brother is a daddy

Quintin's daughter was born 12/9/09 at 1:33 am and was 5lbs 8oz. We are saying it's his daughter until we are told other wise by the paternity test. They will be having the test done soon and depending who we go through will have results back within 3days-3weeks. We really hope it's his daughter and in our eyes she is until we find out different. I am not sure how to spell her name because it was changed a couple of times but I believe it is Kiara, I will update it tonight when I find out the exact spelling.

The baby stayed the night last night and my mom said Quintin and Tori did a great job with her. I was gone to the AVS game and then went to my first strip club after. When I got home at 2:00am both of them were up in my living room taking care of her and both were doing their part. I woke up at 7:00 and stole her from her mommy's arms so I could have some cuddle time before her first doctors appointment. I got to feed her and change her diaper twice and then the third time she went poopy I took her to her daddy and told him he had diapers duty since mommy was in the shower. It did take him a few minutes to wake up but he did. Quintin changed her diaper and cuddled with her before they had to rush out the door. I think my favorite part of the morning with her was getting to play dress up, haha! She only had a few outfits in her diaper bag but my mom and I are going to get some more clothes for her to stay at my house.

Yes I had a LONG night

Wake up daddy!

Good job!

Sleeping on her daddy's legs

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey Get In Trouble Too!
I was uploading pics on my computer when Prestyn said
"Hey mom I'm taking a pic of you"
I looked over and he was on top of the shoe stand,
with my brothers camera in his hand
Both are a NO NO!

Mommy's Cross Dresser

Prestyn came to me wearing my moms boots
These are photos I will save forever

He walked better in the boots than I think I could
Then he had to do something manly like hammer a board
LOL coming down the stairs

Saturday, December 5, 2009

House Hunting

The house we are in now we are just renting.

We love it, but it's not ours!

I want to paint, decorate or tear down a wall if I need to.

This is the house we are renting and like I said we love it,

BUT there is no land and you have to follow HOA rules.

We went yesterday to look at a house that we think is very charming and on 4 acres of land. It is in the mountains between Evergreen and Conifer and backs to Brook Park Forest so there are no houses behind us and we would have an amazing view. The drive way is pretty treacherous, if you have been up to Lookout Mountain in Golden it's like that, straight up and zig zags with no guard rails. Today it was snow packed and icy. Were not sure if were pushing our luck with the price but it's worth a try! I didn't get very good pics because I was scared the homeowners would come home at any minute, LOL...

This is the front, somewhat lol I was running back to my car!
There is a deck in the back with a jacuzzi.

This is the view from my backyard. It's only part of the view and my camera doesn't show how beautiful it is.

Here are some of the pics from the website.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crafting again

I made a sign for the boys bathroom!

It's a start to their bathroom

Next I want to do something with the shower curtain.

Mans best friend

Trenton and Cookie

Best Friends Forever

I honestly can not believe we still have Cookie. Tony wanted to give her away so many times when he walked into his office and saw the presents she left for him. I think she is with us until the end of her days!

Hair Hair Everywhere!

The boys had their hair cut today by their Mimi!
This is their before. I can't believe how rough they looked..LOL..

During..Trenton wearing his trash bag and Prestyn waiting for his turn! Prestyn HATES getting his haircut and for some reason he enjoyed it this time. THANK GOD!

Their afters! So much better.

Monday, November 23, 2009

House Guests

Wednesday my parents will be here! I have been busy redoing furniture and being sick so I haven't had a chance to really clean the house. Today will be a day full of cleaning and preparing. My dad will only be staying until Saturday or Sunday and I think my mom is staying until Christmas. I am super excited! My brother got here last week and he will be staying for a while also. My brother is awaiting the arrival of his daughter who is due December 28th, but everyone knows a baby can come any day. I think this is why my mom is sticking around lol..

Time to get my sick but up and clean up..Thank god my brother is here! I think I will take a nap while all the kids are napping, I have a problem taking a nap with the kids if their isn't someone awake to pay attention to what is going on.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My projects

Today I have been hard at work refinishing a dresser that when done is going to be my TV stand in my living room. I got the dresser on craigslist for 20 dollars. I totally forgot to take a before pic of the dresser. I did get an in progress pic. It is being spray painted black gloss. I am about to go put the finishing clear coat on top to seal everything and then I will bring it in the house in the morning. I haven't sprayed all the drawers yet, they will have to wait until tomorrow. I am done with black spray paint for today, I was covered in it from head to toe and I just took a bath. Of course the pic isn't good quality it was taken with a phone in the garage.

Today I also scored two end tables on craigslist for FREE!!!! I know I will spray paint them black ( or maybe I will use scrapbook paper on the top) but I'm not sure where I am going to put them. I like their size and the way the legs are. I could put them in our guest room as night stands or maybe I could use them as the kids desks, or FOOT STOOLS ( now I need to bring one in and see the height)!!!! Any ideas?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Design Dazzle Giveaway!

If you haven't checked out Design Dazzlers blog, now would be the perfect time! I LOVE her blog! Today she is having a giveaway for a 50.00 gift certificate to So go ahead and click here to check out the giveaway! Look at these adorable party hats you could purchase for your little ones next event. I for one really love the girls fabric party hats, if only I didn't have only boys...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was talking with my mom last night about the furniture I want for my home. My theme throughout my main floor is Fleur De Lis/ French/ all things Louisiana. I have an awesome dining table that my friend Torie gave us but I am sanding it and painting it a chocolate color and I need new chairs. Here are the chairs I want. If you don't feel like clicking for the details here is the picture of the chair It matches my couch perfect with the nail head trim and the color of the leather.

I want this pillow for my throw pillows on the couch.

I guess I should show you my couch since I keep talking about it lol. My couch is from Here I wish we would've got it at the price it is now lol.

I want this hand towel for my kitchen since I want red to be the accent color since most of everything will be black and white.

I am sick of tripping down the stairs in the middle of the night so I want these night lights

So for now that's all I have to show you! I will one by one start buying these items and appointing some to my parents for Christmas and birthday gifts. I'm thinking the chairs will be what I appoint my parents to buy lol two for Christmas and two for birthday, does that sounds fair? HEHEHEHE! I will be back with more Fleur De Lis things to show you that I will be buying. I really need to find some fabric for curtains but Tony is afraid I am going overboard with the Fleur De Lis, do you agree with him? When does enough of one symbol become to much?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Tony and I are not engaged nor do we have any solid plans on marriage. We do however talk about getting married and what holds us back is financial reasons and family reasons.

For 1) weddings are expensive and we refuse to do a justice of the peace style wedding (not that anything is wrong with that way of being married, it's just not for us as we like to go all out on things). We aren't like most Americans who have a credit card in their wallet to help with most of the wedding cost, we prefer to do everything with cash to avoid being in debt. The only debt we have is my car and doctor bills. In December Tony gets his raise which will help us out a ton financially. Come March most of my debt (doctor bills) will be paid off and so will Tony's. Also in March Tony is done with the classes he has to take bc of me calling the cops on him, so that extra expense will be gone. Those classes aren't cheap, AT ALL. Everyday our credit is improving and that is what is most important to us at this point in our lives. Also in March we will try and get our dream house with the land we want. So financially a wedding isn't very feasible at our current status, but in March that should all change so I am planning now for a wedding around June-October 2010. LOL.. I should add that my dad has always said he would pay for our wedding but once again that's not how Tony and I do things. I will let my dad "help" pay for the wedding and figure out how much that "help" will be after I plan the entire thing and see what my total cost is.

#2)Family. Friends. For years we've delayed having a wedding because of scheduling around all our family who all live in different places. My family all live in Louisiana and my parents are always on the road traveling for the job (they would come no matter what). Tony's mom and step dad live in California ( they would come, I think). Tony's dad also travels for work with the same company as my parent and that Tony works for (he is a strong maybe to attend). Tony's brother and his wife live in Rhode Island and we don't expect them to attend our wedding anyways since we were unable to attend theirs a few months ago (maybe). Tony's sister and her husband and kids live in Vermont, we also don't expect them to attend bc we weren't able to attend theirs a few months ago either( I really think negative on this one). (we didn't go to his brother or his sisters wedding bc we couldn't afford both within two months of each other so we didn't think it was fair to choose one). So we are now over the fact that most of his family wouldn't come and we don't care who can't come bc it's not about them it's about us. For the family and friends from out of town who want to come but can't afford it, we will either be paying for the trip or helping to pay for a portion of their trip. ( so once again back to the financial). My friends from Louisiana, I know for sure Mary would come. My friends from Colorado, well they all live here and wouldn't really have to travel so I'm sure most of them would be there.

HAHA, so I am considering those things the petty parts of planning a wedding. The hard parts are the venues and such. I now know I want a barn or outdoor wedding. I have two picked out that I LOVE. Here are their links
This is kinda your all in one package which I love because we would all be so close with our out of towners. But it requires 4 nights and I know no one would really be able to stay 4 nights.
If we were to choose this as the location we would use the second floor of the barn where the big balcony doors open up to look outside (see pic 8 on the site). It is the most expensive spot on the ranch but my fave.

Let me know what you think about the two places I like. I'm sure I will find more places to add to this list but for now these two are doing it for me.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Since my computer was broken and I had to wait for another one I hadn't had a chance to add the Halloween pics! I also don't have a working camera right now so THANKS JENNY for the pics of the boys!

Trenton was a bakugan boy

Prestyn was a tiger( yes I had to tear up his costume)

Prestyn and Lauren
Trenton looking at a skeleton

After trick or treating we had our friends over for some fun

the kids bounced in our bounce house.

This pic is Brayden (he was a vampire) who is Kristen and Steven's oldest

And Prestyn

Kristen and I enjoying some of my jello-shots

that I made :)

I am buying more efficient cups for next time and some syringes

Thanks everyone for coming over, the night went so well!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Not My Child" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This past week it was NOT my child who climbed out of my sunroof and ran around the top of my car refusing to get down.

It was NOT my child that let the puppy out of the front door and while I ran around the neighborhood after her it was not my child who stripped down to his birthday suit and chased his mama around the block.

That child who did NOT chase his mama around the neighborhood naked also did NOT pee in our front yard and he most certainly did NOT take a poop in our backyard.

It was NOT my child who drank the dogs water on all fours just like a puppy.

Thats all I can think of this morning lol. I need to start writing things down as I go.


I haven't posted since October 26th! My computer quit working and I had to wait until yesterday to get a new one. It was VERY hard for me to be without a computer. I also see I have two more followers! YAY! I will be back tomorrow morning with a new post of
During my time away my children gave me a lot to tell you all!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

No it was Not Me who got so angry at some woman driving in front of me that I did Not start screaming obscene words at her while I put my pedal to the medal to get around her. ( If you feel the need to slow down to almost a stop when merging onto a 75 mph highway and no one is coming for a few seconds do not do it in front of me bc I just might push you out of my way.)

No it was Not Me who put that precious puppy outside from 6am-6pm because she was driving me insane. No of course It was not my way of trying to teach her that it is okay for dogs to potty outside.

I did not allow my two year old to leave the table with a strawberry. no of course I did not get mad when said two yr old brought me his brothers tan comforter that he did not smash the strawberry on.

One for my 2 yr old- No it was Not my two yr old who found my mascara and gave our dog a makeover from nose to tail.

On Saturday it was not me or my hubby who felt like we are a lot older than we really are when it was only 8:45 and hubby and I were rushing the boys to bed because we couldn't keep our eyes open.

It was not me who just ate 3 brownies while I was writing this post.

What about you, anything that you did not do and care to share?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I cut my electricity bill in half

Well Almost!

Last month my electric bill was 160.00, this month it is 90.00. In just one month I saved 70.00 on my bill! We were surprised to see how much our bill went down. I'm not even sure what I did to save energy.
I know that since our dryer broke I've been hang drying all the clothes. We would've bought a new dryer but honestly, I've been enjoying hanging the clothes to dry. Everything I read online about the positives of hang drying are true. It has become habit and I'm not sure I want to buy a new dryer. Now that I see my new electric bill it makes it seem insane to go spend 700.00 on a new dryer plus all the money it cost to run it. We always have visitors staying for long periods of time at our house during the winter and with 11 ppl and 2 dogs around at some points I know a dryer will be a necessity. Sadly. I suppose I could just buy the cheapest one I can find and only use it when my family is in town.
I never turn lights on during the day unless I'm in the laundry room or cooking. I just open the shades and let the sun do it's job. We have also started unplugging appliances when not in use and my computer and TV all get unplugged before bed. I'm sure if I would remember to do this every night we would save even more. Tony does something with the thermostat too but I don't have a clue.
Other than the few things I've listed we haven't done anything different. If you have any tips to save some more money I would love to read them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The value of a housewife!?!

While I was checking on all the blogs I follow, I came across this post. I don't know about you but I've often wondered what I would make a year if I were to get paid for all the things I do. I'm not only a stay at home mom but a daycare provider. Being a daycare provider It means if my kids sleep until 8 am, I'm already up with other people kids at 6am being mom to them. My day is truly 24/7! Anyways! My grand total was 210k a yr! I was pretty shocked when I added up my hours for everything I do while staying home and when I clicked calculate it said, "I'm sorry it may seem like a lot but no one can work more than 168 hrs per week" or something like that. I screamed at my comp "stupid it's called multi tasking". LOL I guess they didn't think about that, what are us sahm's not smart or good enough to multi task! So I went back on my real hours and took 10 off my daycare area so it would take it lol.

So, go take the quiz and come back here and share with me what your salary would be! Then turn to the special someone in your life and ask them if vacation is included. haha.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Much Thanks

Tonight I reached 13 followers!

All of you who have blogs, I did return the favor!

I also read everyone of yours from beginning to current!

For my girls who don't blog but follow just to keep up with me,


No pressure, LOL.


Tony will be home after his 9 days away, Yes I did say 9! I thought just 4 then he had an emergency business trip and then went hunting again.

I will be going to a spa party at a friends house. YAY. Not too sure what it will consist of, but I don't care. After 9 days of being alone with my two boys and my fur baby I am beat and just the words spa party make me happy right now.

After the spa party I am going to drag the family or friends to a new antique store. I am looking for old furniture to refinish and make oh so beautiful. This make me almost as excited as the spa party.

The face behind this blog!

I just realized, I never told you guys about ME!
So to start with basics. My name is Konstance, I am 21.
Most important to me: Family, Friends, Money, Material things ( so what call me what you want.), Music
Personality traits: loud, fun, loving, crazy, bitch, punctual, accepting, ambitious, cheerful, confident, creative, dependable, happy, self-controlled, open, talkative, adventurous. Pretty much I am an EXTROVERT= Extroversion. You're assertive, talkative, and don't mind being the centre of attention (in fact, you prefer it!). Being alone isn't your favorite activity; in fact, the more the merrier.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First snow of the season

From my two years of living in Colorado we didn't see the first snow fall until around Oct 31st.

It is just the beginning of October and all day we have been seeing a light dusting of snow

it's 4:30 and at around 4:00 the snow started to turn big and fluffy and it is sticking now!
I really wish I had a camera right now, the view out of my window is so beautiful!