Saturday, February 13, 2010

Entryway Storage 80% done

I wanted to show you guys how the entryway storage is turning out!
I still need to put the trim on and paint.
I need your input now, please. 1-See the bottom, should I leave it open or put the drawer in? I like it both ways. 2- What color do you think would look best, dark or light?

I told you guys I would give you the cost. We used pine instead of MDF so we spent more money than the plans call for. We also have a lot of left over wood. Our Home Depot was out of 1x2's and for some reason I got confused and added extra 1x4's and that is why I haven't done the trim yet. Oh well we will use it for another project :) I'm only giving you the cost for what is needed and what we used, not everything we bought since we bought to much.

2- 1x10x8= 20.24

3- 1x12x8= 36.87

1 sheet of ply wood for back= 23.97

1- 1x4x12= 6.71

screws= 5.37

drawer pull= 5.00

hooks= 2.00

TOTAL= 100.16

We still need to buy our 1x2's

We bought a new tape measure, screw driver set, bit set and a few other things so our total way a lot more than this. Also we didn't buy the paint yet since I haven't figured out what color, but that will be about another 30.00 My estimator hubby was right on the dot when he said 150.00 Also we did decide we are going to make another bench and another 2 piece storage system to make it look like in the picture where it's painted a cream color. It took us 2 hrs, and we did cut our own wood, if you have Home Depot cut your wood it should only take bout an hour plus paint time. I can't wait to show you guys the finished product next weekend!


  1. Konstance that turned out really good - wow I'm so impressed!! I really like the dark colored wood in the example above but that's just my opinion. Whatever you think goes best with your decor. You could leave the drawer out and if you want drawer storage down the road you can get those canvas storage bins and slide them in. I can't wait to see it finished - Nice Job!

  2. Looks great! :) Dark looks the best, in my humble opinion. I think it would look nice with the drawer and you could store things in there like hats, gloves, etc. and they'd be out of sight. But really, you should go with what you want to do. :) Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  3. You're SO lucky!! I want a system like this soo bad! lol...This is awesome. Way to go.

  4. PS Leave the bottom open! It leaves more room to be creative. :)