Friday, January 22, 2010

Hobby Lobby Inspiration

I haven't been up doing much today since I hurt my finger, so of course at 9:30 I get the crafting bug. I was browsing Hobby Lobby's Project Inspiration section and came across THIS. I already had all the items needed for the lanterns but couldn't use scissors because of the location of my wound, thankfully Tony was in a helpful mood and cut out all the lanterns. I did reopen my cut a few times during this project and after I finish this post I HAVE to go clean it and not use my hand the rest of the night. :( After seeing the lanterns on the site I knew I wanted to make some for Trenton's room, his walls are bare and boring and I am slowly decorating the house. Since I decided to start this project at 9:30pm when there aren't any craft stores open, I used the scrapbook paper on hand for my first try. I didn't have enough for an entire strand of Christmas lights. I used 6 different sheets of paper and got 4 lanterns from each sheet so that is 24 lanterns. AHH I just had an idea, DUH, you can use the Christmas light strands that are made for the small Christmas trees. I wonder if Walmart has any left!?! Surely I won't have to wait until Christmas time next yr! Now you know what I am doing tomorrow, other than boat buying and a moms night out. If I can find the shorter strands of lights I will make some for Prestyn's room and maybe some Valentines day ones and keep adding to Trentons since I spent an hour on the 24 I already made.

Don't pay any attention to the way they are hung, I did it by myself with one hand and that's not where I want them to go since obviously I need to hang his curtains back up.

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  1. What a cute idea - I'm going to have to remember those!! They turned out cute - I bet it looks neat when they are turned on. You are so crafty & creative!!