Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend is going great!

Last night after we put both boys in bed
Tony and I laid out on our deck and looked at the stars and talked about them.
I got a lesson on the milky way.
It was very relaxing and slow paced, but FREEZING.
This morning Tony let me sleep in a little and decided he is going to take the boys up to his office after they go cash his check so I can get ready for a friends Pampered Chef party.
I could go crazy and buy a ton of stuff.
I think I am going to budget myself though!
The house is also a mess from working all week.
I am an in home childcare provider for those of you that didn't know.
Toys are everywhere and I didn't sweep up after all kids left last night so there are *ahem* crumbs on my floor!
We made muffins yesterday.
The love of hardwood floors throughout your entire main floor!
I guess before my shower I will sweep up and put all toys away.
When does my cleaning lady come again, O that's right not until the 12th darn it!
have a good day my 5 followers!

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