Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where did summer go?

Just last night I was blogging about how nice it was. Today has been the complete opposite, I woke up with a headache, its gloomy outside, all clouds and no sun, freezing. It's a reminder that fall/winter in Colorado is near. I always seem to become a little more depressed as the weather starts to turn. Getting out the house is going to become a challenge, ten layers of clothing on 4 children and myself, loosening the straps on the car seats to fit all those layers of clothing, using 4-wheel drive to get around in a foot of snow, bulky boots, muddy floors, tired grumpy kids who can't seem to get all their energy out, and one depressed mommy who always seems to miss Louisiana when it's cold in Colorado.

We do live in a house now with a lot more space so this winter may be different. I will keep the kids busy with indoor crafting, children's museum, malls, and all other museums. We need to start planning our vacation and figure out where we want to go and what dates. There is also an up side to winter time in Colorado. Tony will get to spend most of his time in the mountains snow boarding, he will get to go hunting, Trenton will start snow boarding lessons while daddy boards, my family will come to visit so my brother and dad can hit the slopes and well my mom and I will focus on spending way to much money in all the shops in Vail *ahem thanks daddy for my belt and pants that I don't fit into anymore and you spent a fortune on and that brand new off the wall snow board you bought me that I used a total of maybe an hour lol. I did promise to put that snowboard into use this winter so we shall see. But maybe next time you can get me a treadmill :) I will also spend my winter at the malls, yes I will let the kids play I promise not to spend the entire time shopping! My shopping buddy moved this month. So if you live in Colorado and lurve to shop and spend at least one day a week at the mall, hit me up!

This is Colorado though and the weather is so unpredictable, so tomorrow it will probably be sunny and 100 out.

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