Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day 2009

We went to Breckenridge
Labor Day 2009
The boys enjoy going into the mountains
Tony and I kept going back and forth on where to go for Labor day,
first we thought we would go to Yellowstone for the day.
You can't go to Yellowstone for just one day
Then we thought we would go to Estes,
we go there all the time.
Tony decided on Breck since he goes snowboarding there all the time
and rarely get to see it in all it's summer beauty.
my men in the maze
me and my boys punching our A

part of the maze and the beautiful
Colorado sky

taking a break

taking a walk

another break

We did have a great time
On our way home it was horrible!
I think everyone was trying to get home at the same time.
We were going like 25 the entire drive
from Breckenridge to Denver!
We all had to pee and the kids were restless.
We finally made it into Denver and were starving!
We decided to eat at Chili's since the trip into the mountains was all the boys idea
and I'm not a mountain person AT ALL!
So the mama got treated to dinner lol.

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