Sunday, September 13, 2009

We got a puppy!

She is a white and lemon Beagle
We named her Cookie
She is two months old

The boy wore her out
I thought I would wait and tell everyone about her after she has been here overnight. Puppies are just like infants, lol. She slept and slept and slept yesterday afternoon after playing with the boys. I thought O boy if she slept all afternoon she is for sure going to be up all night crying to play. She surprised me and slept all night but I woke her up at 2am to go potty and then she woke me up at 6:30 to go potty again and was ready to be up for the day. Cookie also woke up the entire house. Now I'm one sleepy mama with two toddlers and my new infant running around in circles on my hardwood floors. Did you know Beagles constantly trip over their ears lol, it's so cute. She will take off running across my floors and put her head down and trip right over her ears and go sliding the rest of the way. Ahhhh the chewing, of course every puppy likes to chew and we took care of her chewing problem with some dog toys. My only concern is how do I leave her home alone for a couple of hours and her not chew up my entire house lol. I know I can put her in a pen, but so far what I've been reading about beagles is they are the hardest dog to kennel train. Maybe I can just put her in my bathroom? Of course I would put toilet paper up high, I know puppies love tp parties lol.
Cookies favorite person is Tony :(
She goes to him for everything and this morning when she wanted to play she cried until I let her go to his side of the bed to play with him. Tony is the one that picked her out and then said no she's to expensive, we can't afford her. Then went home and an hour later had to go back and pick her up lol.
Prestyn is doing much better than we thought. We thought he would try pulling her ears, grabbing her by the neck, kicking and all the other toddler things. So far he has been nice and just runs and lets her chase him.
Trenton absolutely loves her. After we looked at her the first time and Tony said we had to leave because we couldn't afford her, Trenton cried the entire way home. I have been letting him do more things with her than Prestyn. Trenton gets the honors of taking her outside to potty and making sure she doesn't go under the deck. Once a beagle smells something they just take off and I'm afraid she will take off under the deck and not know how to get out and sit under there and cry for days.
More on her later, now I need to take care of my 3 children. I became mama to 3 overnight and my life got a little bit more hectic.

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  1. I wish we could have a puppy too! My husband has really bad allergies : (

    Cookie is one pretty puppy!