Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our sick Saturday

Daddy mowed the lawn
When we first moved in the house we tried very hard
to get our grass looking pretty.
Then we had to let it die again
because we didn't have a lawn mower.
Tony finally bought a lawn mower this morning.
Now we are back to watering all day so we can once again have pretty grass

Woke up this morning with a fever and just not feeling well
This pic was taken after his first dose of meds
Watching daddy mow and enjoying a sucker
Prestyn pretty much slept all day
I'm worried he is going to be up all night now
She really enjoyed chasing the lawn mower for a distance

Enjoying a break right before he got sick
Of course Cookie is sleeping lol
Trenton played with his friend next door most of the day
I probably shouldn't have let him
but fresh air is good for sick kiddos
he is always getting what the neighbor boy has lol
I got pretty sick today also
Then did some shopping at Sams
I feel okay now
Now we are all laying around watching Mulan 2
I am waiting for boys to go to sleep so I can watch a movie
Tomorrow I am going to start making some felt toys!

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