Monday, September 21, 2009

Our American Dream

For a while now our family has dreamed of The American Dream. You know the one where you envision living in your cozy house, driving the car of your choice, having kids, animals, and all because of that job you are so lucky to have and because we live in America. I feel like after all our years of struggles and not knowing what tomorrow will bring, we have it all now. It may not be the nicest, biggest, shiniest "things", but they are "our things" and we have each other.

Our family has lived in many many places. Always in apartments. We moved into our first house August 7th. We are very happy to call Colorado our home now. You will never hear us complain when that lawn needs to be mowed or gas needs to be put in my gas guzzler. We know how much hard work went into getting us to where we are today. We knew when I found my truck (I saw it, wanted it, threw a fit, and got it) that it is a 6.0 V8 and would suck gas, and we bought it anyways because we are fortunate enough to have what we want, even if a little fit needed to be thrown when the sales ppl try to get you to settle for less, and even if it's not the newest model.

Tony and I have two kids and a dog. Our first son came when I was only 15 and he was 19. Some people aren't fortunate to have children but thankfully they can take an alternate route and adopt or become foster parents. Even at our young age, we made it work and never went without any of the things that are necessary to survive. We were always happy. The news of being pregnant with our youngest was a little harder. Tony had just went back to work after an injury that kept him in bed for about 8 months. We were on the road again living in a different hotel every couple of weeks and getting prenatal care on the road isn't easy or ideal. Our little family had to go our separate ways for a little while. I moved back to Louisiana with my two year old and for a couple months lived with my best friend Mary and her husband Jason. They were expecting their first child and I didn't want to intrude on my friends family, so I found my own apartment. I lived my day to day life alone at 18 with a two year old, pregnant and no help or guidance from anyone. In December, Tony got a call from his boss asking if he wanted an office job. No more traveling, no more living alone. I continued to live in Louisiana since I was pregnant and the plan was for me to live there for a few months after the baby was born. Well Tony came to see Prestyn being born, and wouldn't leave us. We waited until Prestyn went to his first two week checkup and on our way home after getting the all clear from doc, we picked up a uhaul. Drove over a thousand miles to Denver with a now 3 yr old and two week old. After coming to Denver we lived in two different apartments, literally wasting money! When you live in an apartment or hotels for so long, you start to dream of things like, having a yard, a garage, a dog, neighbors that don't hear your every conversation. Those dreams are achievable by every person that lives here in the USA. No one should let anything get in the way of their dreams, not debt, income, nor age. We are where we are today because of patience, love, beating statistics, dreams and Tony's job. Tony and I are BIG dreamers! We like to think all dreams can come true if you go about them the right way. Tony has big plans right now that may or may not, but we like to think they may take us to another chapter in our life, one that we've never even dreamed of. I promise if or when those plans work out I will blog about it and and look back on my life and feel even more blessed than I do today.

To us we are living "Our American Dream" the one that fits "our" income. Of course right now we could never have "The American Dream" and when I say "The American Dream" I am meaning what everyone really dreams of but only the rich and famous ever get to enjoy. For now we live in a house, have two kids, good jobs, a yard, a dog and I can't forget our friends and family.

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