Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was talking with my mom last night about the furniture I want for my home. My theme throughout my main floor is Fleur De Lis/ French/ all things Louisiana. I have an awesome dining table that my friend Torie gave us but I am sanding it and painting it a chocolate color and I need new chairs. Here are the chairs I want. If you don't feel like clicking for the details here is the picture of the chair It matches my couch perfect with the nail head trim and the color of the leather.

I want this pillow for my throw pillows on the couch.

I guess I should show you my couch since I keep talking about it lol. My couch is from Here I wish we would've got it at the price it is now lol.

I want this hand towel for my kitchen since I want red to be the accent color since most of everything will be black and white.

I am sick of tripping down the stairs in the middle of the night so I want these night lights

So for now that's all I have to show you! I will one by one start buying these items and appointing some to my parents for Christmas and birthday gifts. I'm thinking the chairs will be what I appoint my parents to buy lol two for Christmas and two for birthday, does that sounds fair? HEHEHEHE! I will be back with more Fleur De Lis things to show you that I will be buying. I really need to find some fabric for curtains but Tony is afraid I am going overboard with the Fleur De Lis, do you agree with him? When does enough of one symbol become to much?

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