Monday, November 9, 2009


Since my computer was broken and I had to wait for another one I hadn't had a chance to add the Halloween pics! I also don't have a working camera right now so THANKS JENNY for the pics of the boys!

Trenton was a bakugan boy

Prestyn was a tiger( yes I had to tear up his costume)

Prestyn and Lauren
Trenton looking at a skeleton

After trick or treating we had our friends over for some fun

the kids bounced in our bounce house.

This pic is Brayden (he was a vampire) who is Kristen and Steven's oldest

And Prestyn

Kristen and I enjoying some of my jello-shots

that I made :)

I am buying more efficient cups for next time and some syringes

Thanks everyone for coming over, the night went so well!


  1. Your boys were adorable! :) I feel a little out of the loop though, what is a bakugan boy? Looks like your jello shot party for the adults was a lot of fun too!! :)

  2. I'm not entirely sure of bakugans either. it's a japanese cartoon (I think) where the boy (who trenton was) rolls these balls that are different animals with different powers that fight against each other, kinda like pokemon. LOL I feel like an idiot trying to explain this, I've never watched the cartoon so I am telling you how Trenton told me.

  3. Oh and yes the jello shots were a huge hit. Sarah from the group was a freaking pro and shooting them left and right lol. Before she got to my house Jenny got a pic of Kristen and I using our fingers to get the darn things out then Sarah showed us all we had to do was squish the cup up lol. I couldn't find the right cups in time. I'm from Louisiana and we use the syringes there for jello shots so you can just squirt them in your mouth.