Sunday, October 4, 2009


Remember a few posts back about "our american dream"? I told you all that your dreams are reachable no matter what you think will stand in the way. Well Saturday we were driving around and I was looking for garage sells with antique furniture. I saw this home for sale, from the road it looks like any normal sized home. I got closer and we looked at it, WOW not a normal sized home at all! It has a price tag of almost 1 million! It has almost 7,000 finished sq ft, a work shop to die for (one you can put your husband in when naughty), a craft room with custom cabinetry, an in law apartment, in ground pool and much much more!
This house may seem far out of reach, but Tony and I are determined to have our own little bungalow just like it or we will just take this one, with the economy the way it is I don't see anyone buying it for a while! So we've got time don't we? LOL! If you can afford this house now and want to see if you love it too, take a look here at the details. If you buy this house let me know bc you will be in my neck of the woods and I will be wanting to visit ALL the time and constantly remind you how jealous I am. :)

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