Sunday, October 4, 2009

Guess what season it is!

In our house Bass Pro Shop is like heaven. With hunting season here Tony needed to get a few supplies for his ever frequent trips to the mountains with some co-workers and his boss. Gotta love his job. When it's hunting season all the guys leave for a few weeks and go hunting, this trip even includes the owner of their company, it's such a nice family type of company (even though no one is related). If it's snowing out, you can bet most of the employees can be found rushing to the office to pick up a gold medallion and rushing to the mountains for some snowboarding. If you are a very frequent skier or snowboarder you should check into getting yourself a medallion.

Anyways! When we go to BPS the boys like to "see the dead animals" and shoot the laser guns. I secretly LURVE to shoot the laser guns too. I like to let it be known to Tony that I am a better shooter than he is. When the boys are a little older I would love to take family hunting trips just like the ones I use to go on with my family. My dad started taking me as an infant and he would put me in his backpack to sleep, the first animal I killed was an armadillo at around age 7. I also use to compete in the annual turkey shoot, I brought home thanksgiving dinner around age 10, that was very memorable for me bc I beat about 20 grown men! I hope our boys will get to enjoy some of these things too.

For now just daddy will go hunting and we will try to stay busy so we don't want to kill each other. 4 days alone with both boys and no help from Tony will test my patience and mothering skills, and not to mention he probably wont have very good cell connection in the middle of no where on the mountains. I guess no calling at random moments to yell at him that I need help bc Prestyn will be out of control. Now I need to rest, Tony took me out to a country club last night ( it ended up being a half country, half other). I drank a ton, danced a ton and didn't get to really sleep when we got home bc Prestyn decided to wake up right before we got home at 2am.


  1. We love BPS too! One was recently built in Baton Rouge that we go to pretty often. I would LOVE to visit the Colorado mountains some day...seems so beautiful.

  2. Thanks for sharing...My hubby hunts as well...i've not been to a BPS but we do have Gander Mt. and Cabelas around here...the stores we love:) Oh by the way..I'M A FOLLOWER:)