Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The value of a housewife!?!

While I was checking on all the blogs I follow, I came across this post. I don't know about you but I've often wondered what I would make a year if I were to get paid for all the things I do. I'm not only a stay at home mom but a daycare provider. Being a daycare provider It means if my kids sleep until 8 am, I'm already up with other people kids at 6am being mom to them. My day is truly 24/7! Anyways! My grand total was 210k a yr! I was pretty shocked when I added up my hours for everything I do while staying home and when I clicked calculate it said, "I'm sorry it may seem like a lot but no one can work more than 168 hrs per week" or something like that. I screamed at my comp "stupid it's called multi tasking". LOL I guess they didn't think about that, what are us sahm's not smart or good enough to multi task! So I went back on my real hours and took 10 off my daycare area so it would take it lol.

So, go take the quiz and come back here and share with me what your salary would be! Then turn to the special someone in your life and ask them if vacation is included. haha.

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