Friday, October 2, 2009

The boss!

I think Prestyn feels he is my boss. Today on our way to the bank he decided from the backseat to tell me how to drive. I heard things like "mom slow down you are driving to fast" Prestyn your two how do you know how fast I am driving. "M0m stop at that car wash right now, your window is dirty", "mom you passed the car wash, turn around", "mom don't forget to tell the bank that we need 4 suckers","mom did you bring monies" yes Prestyn I did bring money, why do you ask? " I want to take your monies and go to a garage sale", Okay if we see one we might stop if it looks like they have something good, "mom your passing all the garage sales".

Yes it was an eventful "ca" (as we call it in our house, no we are not from Brooklyn, everyone does ask) ride. Prestyn also learned how to unbuckle his car seat and get out, any advice? O and in the pic, that black mark is marker, not a bruise and he is half naked bc he got dirty and daddy was watching him so instead of new clothes he ended up without a shirt lol.

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